Getting more from your Social Content

One of the most untapped uses of a company website is the integration of social content.
Rather than sending your visitors off to all sorts of different directions on the net where they can ultimately be led to another company’s piece of content, the focus should be on keeping on them there.
The feedback I often get with content is that it’s labour-intensive to utilise the plethora of content channels that you apparently need to be on, but ultimately, the aim is to always to get them to visit your site, so why should visitors to your site be palmed back towards these content hubs?
Previous companies I’ve worked with complained at how they were encouraged to upload photos to their website (via the CMS) as well as all of these other content channels, such as facebook.  There is a simpler solution.  Focus your energies on embedding that social content into your site, then suddenly you’ve reduced your task list.
One of the most useful WordPress plugins out there at the moment is the Facebook Album Gallery plugin by Srizon.  The screenshots and link below shows an example of how the photo content from the official French Open page is integrated into a website.  It’s clean, it’s smooth and it’s responsive and there’s not even a mention of facebook.  Suddenly your photos are being exposed to another audience and it can be set up in just a few clicks.
The same company also offer a YouTube plugin, where a gallery of specified YouTube channel is displayed on the site.  Clicking on the content can open up the video via a lightbox on the same page.  Again, it’s smart, direct and extremely simple.
If you want to get more out of content that you already upload to your social channels, install these plugins and keep your visitors active on your site.

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