I’m a marketer with a passion for all things digital.

I currently work as a marketing executive for an agency that specialises in providing marketing services to clients within the hospitality industry. Typically we work with a range of bars, restaurants and accommodation based in London and the UK.

Outside of my profession, I’m an avid listener of music with a slight obsession with electric guitars. I listen to a wide range of styles and generally appreciate being introduced to new material of any genre whether it be the delicate whispers of bands such as Warpaint or the electronic idiosyncrasies of Daft Punk.

I’m also a keen observer of sport and am considered a bit of a geek by close friends (people used to call me Statto).  I particularly enjoy watching football and cricket. I also relish any opportunities to partake in sport activities and am an active member of my local gym as well as a committee member at my local tennis club.

I also have more than a keen interest in travel. I’ve recently explored central Europe with an interrail pass.  It was a great experience.  I want to visit the world! I enjoy learning about other cultures and am fascinated by the concept of discovery.

In general I’m a very outgoing person who is constantly striving to explore.  My drive to learn, improve and achieve is perceptible through my passionate approach.

I’m creative as a thinker and innovative as a strategist.  My inspiration is originality.

Conversely, I can be very meticulous and systematic in my management of projects and tasks by using a set of conventions that I’ve developed over my career and education.  I’d describe my attention to detail as obsessive. I’m not satisfied by mediocrity and I continually aspire towards perfection.

I’m very analytical and extremely comfortable with data and numbers.

As a marketer, I believe that I’m an incredibly dynamic professional, based on a widespread understanding of various forms of digital and traditional communications as well a solid technical knowledge of critical processes and executions.

For this reason, I find it quite difficult to pin-point my strengths and weaknesses.  All I know is that I’m driven by my determination to improve and fine-tune my marketing prowess.

I’m often reading blogs about a variety of related subjects for as long as my curiosities persist.

I ultimately relish challenges.


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