I look back on my time at university fondly upon recognising the transition I had made in my own personal development across the three years I spent away from home.

I studied Advertising & Media at Coventry University and achieved a high 2:1 grade.

My course allowed me to explore a relevant range of subjects which has ultimately provided me with a broad understanding across various prominent areas of the marketing industry.

The course provided me with a theoretical understanding and practical experience of the fundamental approaches involved in advertising and media industries.

Coventry University

BA with Honours, Advertising and Media, 2:1

2007 – 2010

• Understanding Media: Genre, Meaning and Production
• Understanding Media: Power, Spectacle and Memory
• Key concepts in Media and Communication: Media and Cultural Fields
• Advertising and Consumer Culture
• Advertising in Business
• Cultural and Semiotic Analysis of Advertising
• Communication Practice and Critical Reflection
• Creative Advertising Development
• Advertising Analysis
• Research for Advertising
• Market Place Analysis Report
• Campaign Execution
• Professional Experience (Internship with Essex Cricket)
• Final Project (Social Media Strategy for Essex Cricket)

• Additional Modules (Add+Vantage)
• Introduction to Journalism
• Journalism 2
• Event Management


3 A2 Levels (2007)

Double Applied ICT (x2), Media Studies

1 AS Level (2006)



10 GCSE’s (2005)

Maths, English Literature, English Language, Science (Double Award), German, Geography, Physical Education, Religious Education, Graphics,.


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